Coastdive in Nexø with guide

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The waters around Bornholm offers some of Denmarks best diving expereinces. All from 200 years old wrecks to submarines, caves and beatiful coastdives.

Diveline delivers the most funny and most professionel divetrips on Bornholm, without compromizing on safety. Diveline is certified PADI Resort Center.

The starting point for this activity, is what you want to experience under water.
We deliver proper briefing on dive and safety, everytime.
Bornholm is known for good visabililty and easy access to coastdives on depths down to 25 metres.

The dive is by a bay called 'Svenskerhavnen' outside Nexø, which is easy to access by car. Here you will have the chance to old wrecks, beautiful nature and an old flightengine from second world war.

Duration 1-1,5 hours
Bring: Your diving equipment or rent by Diveline. If you want to rent, send an e-mail with your size to info@diveline.dk

Demands: Bring your diving certificate and documentation in your log book for the last 8 months.
Meeting point
Place: Svenskerhavnen, Nexø
Adress: Svenskerhavnsvej, 3730 Nexø
Meeting point is at the small natural harbour.
It is possible to park your car here.

Meet at 16.30
The dive starts 17.00

If heavy winds occur, the acitivity can be moved to another part of the island. The person who made the booking, will be informed 24 hours prior to start of the activity.

Place: Svenskerhavnen, Nexø
Adress: Svenskerhavnsvej, 3730 Nexø

If sold out, we open up for a new trip.
If there is only made 0-1 booking, we allow ourselves to either move or cancel the activity and refund your money.

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