High Speed Boat Race Hammerhavn

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Full speed - 100 km per hour. Which experience should you or your family have this year? We say High Speed Boat Race. We offer trips for the adrenalin junkies, and we do it all year round.
But also an activity that can be enjoyed bare footed and relaxed.

The duration is 25 minutes and the activity fits 10 persons.
Remember to book your trip 24 hours prior to departure. Otherwise we don't guarantee your reservation or proper information regarding change of departure.
See the calender for next departure or book the entire boat, when it suits you.
We have life vest for everyone in all sizes.
Is the watertemperature beneath 15 degress celcius, we supply thermical floatingsuits.
High Speed Boat Race does not get your wet. Small splashes and drizzles from the boat should be expected.
We are ready to bring the entire family for experiences around Bornholm. Safety is top and the boat is approved by the maritime authorities.
"In case of heavy winds, the activity will move departure place. The number you give out when booking, will be contacted.
You will be informed 18 hours prior to departure."
If you have a discount card, you still need to book online. You will be refunded upon arrival for the activity.
Minimum age: 10 years and general terms and conditions.
General terms and conditions
Minimum age: 10 years
Our activities are not for pregnant women or people with a bad back.
It is your own responsible to move around on Divelines boats, and participate in the activities.
Passengers are not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol or be affected by euphoric substances or alcohol.
Everyone needs to wear lifevest or saftery equipement delivered by Diveline.
Everyone needs to pay attention to the saftety instructions prior to departure.
Bags and othe loose items can be brougt onboard if agreement with captains is made.
Cellphones and other electronic devices are carried on your own responsibility and risk.
We offer both fast and tranquil speed trips for family, birthdays, company trips, bachelorparties. We can customize your trip, depending if you want a romantic getaway, natureexperiences or pure excitement. We go whereever you want to go, and are happy to offer recomendations for good destinations, or arrange customized trips as well.
Duration 25 minutes
If sold out, we open up for a new trip.
If there is only made 0-1 booking, we allow ourselves to either move or cancel the activity and refund your money.
Mobile ticket, email confirmation or valid booking numer is sufficient.

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